Should I File An Automobile Recall Lawsuit?

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Jun 8, 2024 -

Every year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) receives hundreds of reports regarding defective vehicles, including recalls. Some of the more serious recalls result in lawsuits that may have serious financial implications, which could be mitigated with a car recall lawsuit. In this article we discuss why it's important to take these recalls seriously and then explain some of the steps you can take to protect your rights.

When a manufacturer issues a recall it must first notify all owners of the vehicle involved. The owner must then take steps to ensure his or her vehicle is not involved in the recall. Manufacturers are required to submit all recall information to the NHTSA within thirty days of the date of issuance. Manufacturers may also contact the owner through mail or orally to provide additional information.

If the owner fails to take any or all of the necessary steps to avoid the recall, the manufacturer has the right to take corrective action or issue a recall. These actions vary by manufacturer, but typically involve a complete replacement of the recalled part. If the owner doesn't take any action, the manufacturer may sue him or her under the law. Most lawsuits that involve recalls are resolved out of court.

Before you file an auto recall lawsuit, you should know what your options are. The first option is to try to work with the manufacturer on a reasonable resolution. Sometimes this means negotiating with the manufacturer to avoid the recall, such as through the recall process, or by purchasing a different vehicle. Other times, however, the manufacturer may choose to sue to obtain monetary damages. Regardless of the outcome, filing a lawsuit is not a guarantee that the manufacturer will drop the suit or that the case will ultimately be resolved in your favor.

If your auto recall lawsuit is decided in your favor, you may receive a settlement. Unfortunately, the actual amount that you receive from the manufacturer will be based on various factors, including your settlement amount and your ability to pay. Because these cases are complicated, many plaintiffs have to hire legal counsel to handle their cases. It is essential that you seek the services of a competent attorney who is experienced in handling auto recall lawsuits.

There are a number of things you should consider before filing a car recall lawsuit. However, if you think you may be able to successfully resolve your case outside of court, it is important to take action now. Prior to trying to resolve the situation through court, you should consult a reputable and experienced lawyer. If you do decide to proceed with a lawsuit, be sure to consult a reputable attorney to help you determine your options.

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